You Don't Need to Lose Everything in a Divorce

Speak with a divorce lawyer in Nashville, TN

Filing for divorce is a big step for you and your children. You want to protect them from the fallout and start a new chapter in your life peacefully. If you're filing for divorce in Nashville, TN, get assistance from Tristar Law Firm. Attorney Lewis is an experienced divorce lawyer who can resolve your disputes civilly.

Attorney Lewis will do his best to protect you and your child's best interests. Call 615-988-8895 now to arrange for a consultation with a divorce lawyer.

How can a divorce lawyer help you?

How can a divorce lawyer help you?

A divorce lawyer can help with multiple aspects of your divorce, even after it's finalized. Here are some of the things that attorney Lewis can do for his clients in Nashville, TN:

  • Negotiate child support agreements
  • Establish child custody agreements
  • Determine how property will be divided
  • Assist with post-decree modifications
He can also represent you during alimony negotiations. Contact him today to find out more about his services.