Even if you love your partners, sometimes we are our best selves separately rather than together. We can help you navigate these unfortunate circumstances in a fair and civil manner, so that you and your family can begin to heal.

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Child Support

Unfortunately, deciding who will pay child support, and how much they will pay, often leads to bitter disagreements. Let us make sure that child support serves its purpose of ensuring your child's financial benefit and security.

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There is nothing a parent would not do to keep their child safe and secure. Even though emotions run high when parents are separated, divorced, or contemplating divorce, children must not suffer. We try to maintain stability for the children and their relationship with each parent.

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Since 1993

About TriStar's Founder, Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis, Esq., focuses his practice on business litigation, family law, and personal injury. Mr. Lewis attended law school at Vanderbilt University, where he earned the school's prestigious Law & Business Certificate, was active in student government, and was elected Mr. VLS. Prior to law school, he earned an MBA from the University of Tennessee and an MS in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University while playing a seminal role in the growth of his family's businesses.

Mr. Lewis is not only an accomplished attorney, he is also an avid outdoorsman and active in his community. An Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow inductee, Mr. Lewis now serves on the Middle Tennessee Boy Scout Council's Board of Directors and as a Unit Commissioner for the Nashville West District. He has gone on mountaineering expeditions to Seattle's Mount Rainier and Argentina's Aconcagua, the latter of which is the highest peak in South America. A member of the prestigious Mensa high IQ society, Mr. Lewis is also proud to be a first generation college graduate and second generation high school graduate.


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